If you've been looking for the 'soup diet' that's been doing the rounds on Facebook and other social media sites, you've found the right place! On this website you'll find information about the Kick Start Diet and the special detox soup that can help you with your weight loss battle.

Give Your Diet A Kick Start!

We've also provided some articles with tips and advice to keep you motivated on your journey. While other diets become popular and come and go, like Low Carb, LCHF, Keto, Paleo, Raw Food, etc... The kick start soup diet has been around for a very long time and is usually recommended to overweight patients before surgery to help get their weight down.

In the quest for effective weight loss strategies, one often overlooks the humble bowl of soup as a powerful ally. Beyond being a comforting and satisfying meal option, incorporating soups into your diet can contribute significantly to shedding those extra pounds.

One of the key benefits of soup consumption is its ability to promote satiety with relatively fewer calories. The high water content in soups helps create a feeling of fullness, curbing the appetite and reducing overall calorie intake. Moreover, the slow and deliberate act of sipping hot soup can enhance the eating experience, allowing the brain more time to register signals of fullness.

The composition of many soups also plays a crucial role in weight loss. Broth-based soups, especially those loaded with vegetables, provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals without excess calories. These nutrient-dense options ensure that the body receives the necessary fuel for energy and metabolism without the burden of unnecessary fats.

Furthermore, soups can be a versatile vehicle for incorporating lean proteins, whole grains, and fiber-rich legumes. These ingredients contribute to prolonged feelings of fullness and assist in maintaining a steady blood sugar level, reducing the likelihood of unhealthy snacking between meals.

In addition to their nutritional benefits, soups are customisable to individual tastes and dietary preferences. By opting for homemade soups with fresh, wholesome ingredients, one can control the sodium and preservative content, ensuring a healthier and more weight-conscious meal.

Embracing a soup-centric approach to mealtime can be a flavourful and effective strategy for those seeking sustainable weight loss. By choosing nutrient-rich ingredients and savouring each spoonful mindfully, individuals can embark on a wholesome journey towards achieving their weight loss goals.



Here is the recipe for the kick start diet soup:

One packet of powdered vegetable, chicken or beef soup mix (could also substitute with stock or consumme)
Two 800g cans of diced/crushed tomatoes
Three large fresh tomatoes
Four cups of water
One bunch of celery with the leaves
One bunch of spring onions
Three green capsicums
Two cups of green beans
One kilogram of carrots

Dice all vegetables, add to a large pot with canned tomatoes, liquids and soup mix. Bring to a rapid boil for five minutes then reduce to a simmer for approximately twenty minutes, or until vegetable tenderness is to your liking. You can vary the thickness of the soup by adding more or less water. You can also use a stick blender or food processor if you prefer a smooth soup. To improve the taste, feel free to add salt, pepper, herbs, or spices.

This soup has very low calories, so you can eat as much as is needed to help make you feel full. It will also boost your immune system if you don't usually eat many vegetables, and also increase your energy levels. If you would like to substitute any of the vegetables in the soup please ensure that the replacement vegetable has close to the same GI number as the original vegetable.



This stage of the Kick Start Diet involves the re-introduction of normal food, but only food that has a low GI (glycemic index) count: a count of 55 or less. Start by preparing some of your usual meals but replace all of the items with ones that have a low GI. Choose from the list below and remember to include plenty of lean protein. You can also continue eating the Kick Start soup as a snack if you wish.

A glycemic index count is measured by the potential of a sugar or carbohydrate to raise blood sugar levels. The higher your blood sugar level is, the more likely your body is going to store fat instead of burning it.

A good list of GI foods (with brand names) can be found by visiting this web site



Here are some examples of other soups that may also aid in weight loss:

Vegetable Soup:
Packed with a variety of colorful vegetables, a vegetable soup is low in calories and high in essential nutrients. It provides fiber, vitamins, and minerals, promoting fullness and supporting overall health.

Chicken and Vegetable Broth:
A lean protein source like chicken combined with a medley of vegetables in a clear broth creates a satisfying and low-calorie soup. Protein helps maintain muscle mass during weight loss and keeps you feeling full longer.

Minestrone Soup:
This Italian classic typically contains a mix of beans, vegetables, and whole grain pasta. The combination of fiber and protein makes it a filling option that can be both nutritious and supportive of weight loss goals.

Tomato Soup:
Rich in antioxidants like lycopene, tomato soup is not only flavorful but also low in calories. Opt for a homemade version to control added sugars and sodium.

Lentil Soup:
Lentils are an excellent source of protein and fiber. A hearty lentil soup can provide a sense of satiety while delivering essential nutrients and energy.

Cabbage Soup:
Cabbage soup is often associated with detox diets, but it can also be a nutritious addition to a weight loss plan. Cabbage is low in calories and high in fiber, promoting a feeling of fullness.

This chilled soup is made with a blend of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. With its low-calorie content and refreshing taste, gazpacho is a great choice, especially in warmer weather.

Mushroom Soup:
Mushrooms are low in calories and rich in umami flavor. A mushroom soup, whether broth-based or creamy (using a low-fat milk or alternative), can be a satisfying and low-calorie option. Remember, while these soups can be beneficial for weight loss, it's important to maintain a balanced and varied diet. Additionally, portion control and mindful eating are key components of any successful weight loss strategy.


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